Welcome to My Blog

Hi, I’m John Suddarth and welcome to my site.  You may have been redirected to johnsuddarth.com from my campaign website, suddarthforcongress.com, which I have shut down.

I ran for the 2018 Democratic Congressional Nomination for the First District in Virginia.  I lost in the Primary to Vangie Williams, whom I supported during the general election.  Unfortunately Vangie lost and Rob Wittman was reelected.

Representative Wittman is one of those politicians who toes the party line and plays it safe.  It may make him a smart politician but a poor public servant.  He stays on the sidelines instead of actively getting involved and trying to find real solutions.  For example, during the last government shutdown he simply grew a beard, criticized members who flew home, and pretended that President Trump had offered real solutions.

The initial purpose of this blog was to archive the issues, opinions, and news items as well as photos, videos, and audios from my campaign but I  also use it to speak out on issues of importance in more detail than might be allowed in a letter to the editor or on Twitter.

I look forward to continuing our conversation as we work together for a more inclusive and progressive America!